Welcome to my portfolio!

I am Quentin van Achthoven and I was born in 1996.

I have been interested in creating games for about 5 years after playing an online game. It got me interested in the functionality of games and software. I am currently in college to become a game developer.

In my spare time I write fictional stories and play music. ( Although I'm no good with playing music yet. )

This site contains all the work I'm proud of. You can find a navigation part on the top of this page. You can use it for.. well.. navigation.

(It's labeled "Navigation", you can't miss it.)


Recent Updates

[04/05/2015] Today I found one of my recent stories in a backup folder and I will post it on the site's "Interests" page.

Read it here…


[02/05/2015] Today I finished the code for an encryptor including logic and how-to's on breaking the code. I will post it on the "Research" page. It contains a lot of text though, prepare for a tough read.

I'm ready…


[12/04/2015] Yesterday I finished a drawing of a Kyudoka It will be posted on the "Interests" page.

See it here…