Welcome to the page dedicated to me!

On this page I will be telling some more about myself and my activities on my days off.

(My contact information can be found at the bottom of this page.)

As you probably read on the front page:

I am Quentin van Achthoven and I was born in 1996.

I have been interested in creating games for about 5 years after playing an online game. It got me interested in the functionality of games and software. I am currently in college to become a game developer.

Next up will be some keywords and how they're connected to me so you can get a better and more concrete image about me.


Programming Languages

Although my main programming language is c#, I'm great at GML aswell. And then there's the intermediate languages, Javascript and Php.

I've recently started in c++ and hope to get my c++ skills on par with my c# or GML skills.



Like anyone whom you'd ask, I'm really motivated about the things I like. Although even when the "going get's rough", I won't leave until the job is done, not even one second earlier.



Lately I've extended my interests from just listening, to playing music. I started on a keyboard but am aiming to play nearly anything on a piano. (I've still got a long way to go though.)


Story Writing

I've written some short stories over the last year, the biggest being "Last Moon". To get a good image of my writing skills, you can read the story at the "Interests" page.

Read the story here.



I take pride in my mathematical skills. multiplication or square root, I can handle a lot of numbers. For some (so far) unknown reason I can easily connect certain numbers and use this to quickly and efficiëntly get the answer to the problem at hand.



If you would like to have a look at my Rirekisho, you can do so




If you're all the way down here on the page about me, it most likely means you're interested.

If you would like to contact me, you can use my e-mail.

If you're mailing in any language I don't know or am not fluent at, I can still respond using the internet's large resources to translate the e-mail between languages.

You can reach me up at any time on:




Recent Updates

[04/05/2015] Today I found one of my recent stories in a backup folder and I will post it on the site's "Interests" page.

Read it here…


[02/05/2015] Today I finished the code for an encryptor including logic and how-to's on breaking the code. I will post it on the "Research" page. It contains a lot of text though, prepare for a tough read.

I'm ready…


[12/04/2015] Yesterday I finished a drawing of a Kyudoka It will be posted on the "Interests" page.

See it here…