The program generates a security key using the day key (day keys at the bottom of the file),
multiplies this number by the day, followed by multiplying this number with the month in numbers.
(17th of april being 17 and 04).
The security key is the square of this value.
(further examples will be using the 17th of April)
(17 * 4 * 24)^2 = 2.663.424

The program has a pre-defined character set.
(The character set has an irregular amount of characters to increase decryption difficulty.)
If the character set contains 60 characters, the program will subtract 60 from the security key
until this is no longer possible, this leaves the number 24.
(2.663.424 % 60 = 24)
The program reads the file's content and shiftst each character by 24 spaces in the character set.
As a result the 'A' turns into a 'Y'.
This doesn't appear to be very complicated to decrypt.
Unless small words and sentences are used. The use of small words and sentences severly ramps up the decryption difficulty.

This page links to:
-The input file
-The output file
-A how-to on decrypting the day and security keys. ( long read )
-Source Code

Day Keys:
Monday: 3
Tuesday: 7
Wednesday: 13
Thursday: 29
Friday: 24
Saturday: 19
Sunday: 5






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