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On this page you can find things related to my interests and spare time. Including stories, translations and drawings.



The kyudoka is a drawing I made while writing "Last Moon". The story is going to include (but not revolve around) an archery club and some cute CG.

Except for the Yotsugake (four-fingered archery glove) and the hair ends, it came out just how I wanted it to. A kyūdōka. is an individual who follows the way of the bow ( kyūdō ). The uniform consists of a kimono with a black underpiece and a Muneate for protection.


Hinomaru Translated file

Hinomaru is a Copyrighted product of Wheel I do not own any logos or characters associated with the visual novel.

Hinomaru is a visual novel made by Developer and Publisher Wheel, together with translation group Tengu Trans I attempted to translate Hinomaru to english, the project is still ongoing (and mostly likely dead). I became responsible for translating the "Tetsuna arc". Although some parts of the file were pretty awkward to translate. The file contains the disabled Japanese sentence and an English replacement.
(It's really long though.)

Read the translated file here.


Last Moon

"Last Moon" can best be described as my attempt at writing a visual novel. The story revolves around a young man called "Ryuuko" and the darkness everyone hides in their soul. It's going to be a really dark and sinister story. The story begins with a passenger train stopping without any obvious reasons.

The story itself contains a lot of text (as big stories should).

Read more about Suzume
Read more about Yukina

Read the story here



Recent Updates

[04/05/2015] Today I found one of my recent stories in a backup folder and I will post it on the site's "Interests" page.

Read it here…


[02/05/2015] Today I finished the code for an encryptor including logic and how-to's on breaking the code. I will post it on the "Research" page. It contains a lot of text though, prepare for a tough read.

I'm ready…


[12/04/2015] Yesterday I finished a drawing of a Kyudoka It will be posted on the "Interests" page.

See it here…