Prologue: Next stop?

"I woke up when the train came to a sudden halt."

Suzume "Maybe someone hit the emergency stop."

Yukina "But why did it have to be inside the tunnel?"

Suzume "Why? Are you afraid of the dark?"

Yukina "Maybe.. A little.."

Suzume "You're already going to highschool, get over it."

"A loud rumbling noise came out of nowhere, at the same time the train shook a little."

Ryuuko "What the.."
Yukina "W-w-what was that?"

"Suzume's facial expression became rather disturbed."

Suzume "It's probably nothing, we should sit down and wait for the train to go on."

"We all sit down in our seats."

Ryuuko "Something wrong?"

Suzume "No, it's nothing."

Ryuuko "You've got fear written all over your face."

Suzume "Could you come with me for a second?"
Suzume "Yukina, we'll be right back."
Yukina "Where are you..."

Ryuuko "Uh, yeah wai.."

"Suzume pulls me to the next carriage."

Suzume "This morning I read an article in the newspaper."

Ryuuko "Yeah, so?"

Suzume "It was about this tunnel."
Suzume "It said they were going to close down the tunnel for a couple of weeks because it could cave in at any moment."

Ryuuko "So the noise just now was the cave.."

Suzume "Yes, There's a pretty big chance the exit collapsed."

Ryuuko "Then why did the train stop within the tunnel?"
Ryuuko "The cave-in didn't happen until after the train stopped inside the tunnel."
Ryuuko "And we're not even sure if it was a cave-in, we don't even know if anything happened at all."
Ryuuko "Although the heavy rumbling was pretty suspicious..."

Suzume "I guess that's true..."

Ryuuko "So anyway, why drag me all the way to the other carriage to tell me?"

Suzume "It would be best if Yukina doesn't know, you know she tends to overreact."

Ryuuko "Well yeah I guess, but still.."
Ryuuko "There's a pretty big chance she realized something's wrong."

"The lights in the train started flickering and after a short time died out."

Ryuuko "And now I'm sure she did."

Suzume "Yeah.. well..."
Suzume "We should head back."

Ryuuko "Yeah.."

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